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Get insights from some of the world's top sponsorship experts, including the very strategies they use themselves in order to acquire high-value sponsorships.

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As well as a succinct and high value playbook, you'll also get free templates, worksheets and video training to help assist you.


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'This playbook and video training is life changing for my charity. I normally don't enjoy these types of books or videos, but this was engaging, enjoyable and easy to consume. I'm already recommending it to others because of how great I found it.'

Amanda Fraser-Jones, Founder - Chained Dog


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    You'll get instant access to this powerful playbook, all training videos, templates and worksheets so you can begin improving your sponsorship approach today.

  • You'll discover hidden opportunities in the sponsorship market and be able to approach sponsors you'd never thought about before. You'll also discover the mistakes 99% of sponsorship seekers make and be able to avoid them.

  • No More Guess Work

    No more time spent trying to figure out what sponsors want and what they find value in. You'll be able to position your sponsorship to potential sponsors the best way possible. 

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Jason Hart

General Manager

Global Games

The videos in this Playbook were great to go through and sharpen up my approach. Drilling down on suppliers becoming sponsors and how contra can be as good as cash was eye opening.


Amy Calway


Beach Polo and Event Horizon

  • Learn the critical foundations that every sponsorship seeker must know and complete before they can succeed at sponsorship. You'll also get access to one of the most powerful worksheets which has helped hundreds to secure incredible sponsorship deals.


    Value ($356)

  • Have you ever considered that sponsorships for $10,000 or less may require a slightly different approach? Learn exactly what that approach is.


    Value ($87)

  • Learn how to cut time and secure quick wins without the hassle of chasing hundreds of brands.

    You'll learn how to tap into sources which you probably didn't even think of.


    Value ($299)

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What Others Say About Mike?

Mike is the original gangsta when it comes to Sponsorship!

Taryn Dorbin

Marketing Professional


Mike is a great guy, he's super knowledgeable about sponsorship and much of what he has to share you simply won't find anywhere else.

Glenn Critchley

General Manager - Commercial

Vodafone Warriors

Mike is incredibly generous with his time and knowledge.

He is such a giver and a great person in so many aspects.

Michael Griffith




This playbook will teach you expert insider's tactics to gaining sponsorship. Take your sponsorship approach from average to awesome while discovering hidden opportunities within your organisation. A small investment to make to improve your sponsorship game.

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Mike Wootton

CEO and Founder, Sponsorship Pantry

8 Surefire Signs You Need Help

Sometimes we just know we could be doing better with our sponsorship game and we're either wasting time or money. Other times, we just wish we could find a way to fix any of the sponsorship challenges we have. If you fit any of the options below, or they sound all too familiar, then chances are you could highly benefit from some help.

You send out the same proposal to lots of potential sponsors

You differentiate your sponsorship levels by some form of Gold, Silver, Bronze package

You know you deliver value, but your sponsors never seem satisfied

The majority of your benefits are logo placements, free tickets and 'brand awareness'

You offer organisations the ability to sponsor you, and the biggest benefits you're providing are 'brand awareness', 'logo placements on all your marketing material', 'tickets', and 'the right to activate'..... You need some help.

You don't know what you have to offer

You know you could get sponsorship, but you really don't know what you have to offer that sponsors will find valuable..... You need some help.

You looked up all of the big brands and asked them to sponsor you. They all said no, if they got back to you at all..... You need some help.

You have sponsors, but they never seem to leverage their sponsorship with extra budget

You're not sure how to figure out what a potential sponsor wants

You've got some sponsors in mind you'd like to approach, but you're not sure how to figure out what they value...... You need some help.

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